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running myself into the ground

This fall has been busy.  Too busy.  I guess I did it to myself…which means I am a jerk.  To myself.

September: joined a gym, gained a roommate, went to a wedding, went to 2 birthday parties in one night, mom visited, interviewed for a second job, went to a baby shower

October: started second job (2x/week), enrolled in a class, had a date w/ SP and TK, went to a bat mitvah, went to a conference in Chicago

November: still working 2nd job 2x/week, went to something called Cirque of the Dead, family visits, conference in Boston, lost my wallet, went to a fancy schmancy wine tasting event, spoke on a panel, had dates with JW and TK

Plus a bunch of super late dinners or half dinners.  About to do that again.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Bat Kid Cancer Patient Will Make Your Cold Black Heart Grow 3 Sizes

#sfbatkid is the best thing ever.  EVER

the best thing I’ve done at work so far

I have apparently not only impressed the president of my company by the quality of my work but also with my latest endeavor—poetry.  We have this thing called “the honor bar” at work.  It’s an unmanned basket of fruit and snacks accompanied by a piggy bank.  When you take a snack, you put a dollar in the piggy bank (affectionately named Fred).  Visitors were just taking things, and others were getting lazy and not putting money in.  So I wrote a limerick to introduce Fred and suggest that folks pay for their goods.  Here goes:

There once was a piglet named Fred
While guarding the Honor Bar said,
"When you take a snack,
put a buck in my back
so Fred’s friends can always be fed!”

I am now a hero.  It’s sheer poetry!

activities that are officially recognized by the weightwatchers tracker

didn’t make the cut

suspension training
strength training
body weight training
interval training
functional training

made the cut

Aerobics, jazzercise (high impact)
Alternating toe taps
Anishinaabe jingle dancing
Ax chopping
Badminton, social singles and doubles
Basketball, officiating
Children’s games (includes hopscotch, 4-square, dodge ball, plaground apparatus, t-ball)
Cultivating garden
Dancing, greek
Dancing, jitterbug
Darts, wall or lawn
Do it yourself (home repair)
Dyna-Band the Total Body Workout DVD
Elder care
Farming, barn cleaning
Fencing, practice
Filling garden
Finishing or refinishing cabinets or furniture
Fire hydrants
Fishing (angling)
French Press
Frisbee, ultimate
Gardening with heavy power tools
Grooming horse
Hacky sack
Hanging storm windows
Horse Biting Tail
Jai alai
Laying crushed rock
Laying or removing carpet
Laying sod
Laying tile or linoleum
Loading, unloading wood/lumber
Marching, rapidly, military
Middle Eastern dance
Moving household items
Painting fence
Repairing appliances
Sacking grass, leaves
Scrubbing bathroom
Scrubbing bathtub
Spreading dirt with a shovel
Sweeping garage
Walking using crutches
Washing car
Washing the car
Wind surfing, light wind (heavy wind not an option)


Wolfram Alpha made a word cloud of my facebook!  VERY COOL! 

My observations:

I use the word “effing” too much. 

"want chris happy," "much work here," "need think time"…this is like stream of consciousness pidgin, no?

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